Welcome to Creative Bling Vinyl Designs.  I am no longer using the e commerce program that I had before.  What I have done is separate the files into categories, so it is going to be much easier to find what you want.  However, this also means that I don't have a shopping cart.  You will have to go through the files and make a note of the ones you want and email them to me at Once you have emailed me I will then create an invoice through paypal for you.  As soon as payment is received I will be sending your files as attachments through email.  I normally check my emails several times a day and if I am going out of town I will always post it.  Weekends may take a little longer than the weekdays, but usually it will be in the same day.  Hopefully this will only be until I can find a new program that is more geared to what I need.  Thanks for your patience, I appreciate each and every one of you.  Kim